Showing off…

So it’s Saturday afternoon, I looked across the field and my heart sinks as Parker wandered passed with huge patches of well I tried not to think what he’s been rolling in now. Lucky I had my amazing groom Charlotte helping me and together we scrubbed, groomed, rinsed & scrubbed again until he resembled a respectable horse. I have to say I cheated ever so slightly and used the supreme product for leg whitening and painted his legs white, left him for the night in his onesie, a rug and bandaged up to the eyeballs with my fingers crossed that he didn’t find something to roll in!

6am rolled round and I crept into parkers stable to see the damage…. Amazingly he was clean all over, I swore and sweated as I plaited up, a job I hate but it was made easier with my nettex plaiting spray and we were ready to hack to the show as we took some of the riding school ponies and kids with us.

It was a brilliant show very relaxed for his first showing show which is very different from a dressage competition with all the prams, dogs, and loose ponies! We did a few in hand shows as when I first bought Parker he was terrified of trotting in hand I suspect that he had been chased up and didn’t trust the person running beside him. With a lot of work we can now trot up, something that is nessicary for eventing as you have to trot your horse up at the start for the vet to inspect that your horse is sound to enter. The judge wasn’t overly impressed with his trotting though as he is still wary and doesn’t trot very fast. (We did some cantering in hand instead) The ridden showing was much better we won a few classes and took reserve ridden champion. We also won the dressage with a great score of 75%.

Today was a great test of Parkers ability to concentrate with so much going on plus he showed how patient  he can be waiting for his classes to be called. Once again my awesome groom Charlotte ran round after me getting my bits a bobs ( at one point we came out on in hand and had an all change to get back in to the  ridden ring and I had my hat, Spurs, saddle and reins waiting for me!) she held Parker whenever I needed to dash off for one thing or another oh did I mention she’s 8?

(Check out those white legs remember I painted them Saturday night)

Our first event opens next week so must remember to enter!!


Motivate me!

The cold dark nights are beginning to draw in and im starting to feel tired and struggling to stay motivated to ride. Its not only the riding though. At one of our recent competitions Parker felt sluggish so I asked a nutritionist what I could do to increase his stamina with out putting on to much weight as he is errmmm… naturally rounder she suggested Alpha A without molasses, an oil and pink powder since being on this twice a day he has been on top form. Me however I eat rubbish when I actually remember to eat and drink nothing but tea. I think eventing will be a strain on my body and at the moment I feel im the weak link. I have an old injury in my back and have a weak back so I think I should start pilates which I tried during the summer and left me feeling positive.  I have an ongoing niggling problem in my right arm which I have been having physio on. So my big plan now is to eat healthy, go swimming and generally look after myself and hope that also helps me want to ride more!!  Would love to know how other people have a competition horse and a full time job!


In other news we have a fun showing show on Sunday that I now need to get the filthy beast ready for…..