Motivate me!

The cold dark nights are beginning to draw in and im starting to feel tired and struggling to stay motivated to ride. Its not only the riding though. At one of our recent competitions Parker felt sluggish so I asked a nutritionist what I could do to increase his stamina with out putting on to much weight as he is errmmm… naturally rounder she suggested Alpha A without molasses, an oil and pink powder since being on this twice a day he has been on top form. Me however I eat rubbish when I actually remember to eat and drink nothing but tea. I think eventing will be a strain on my body and at the moment I feel im the weak link. I have an old injury in my back and have a weak back so I think I should start pilates which I tried during the summer and left me feeling positive.  I have an ongoing niggling problem in my right arm which I have been having physio on. So my big plan now is to eat healthy, go swimming and generally look after myself and hope that also helps me want to ride more!!  Would love to know how other people have a competition horse and a full time job!


In other news we have a fun showing show on Sunday that I now need to get the filthy beast ready for…..


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