Countdown to Disney….


Not that Disney!!

So after being inspired by Charlotte Brear and Manor Missile at Burghley to start eventing I needed to actually enter my first event.

Before entering I thought I had better try to jump at a competition otherwise it might be a very expensive dressage test! I entered a local competition and was so pleased with him we came home with a 2nd in the 60cm, 6th in 70cm and 4th in 80cm. We had a few poles down (mainly my fault) got the experience of jumping in a competition and even  had a go at some jump off style riding!

There is quite a long process in order to enter an event you must register yourself, buy day membership, register the horse, buy a training pass and then finally enter your competition. I was convinced that I hadn’t entered properly as I had left it (like everything) to the last minute and had to send a little email to the events secretary to check she had got my entry!

We have only had time for one lesson with Diana over any jumps since entering which was great fun and ended with us going down a nice sized grid with a knot in my reins and my arms stretched out. A year ago I wouldnt have trusted Parker to not refuse or run out but times have changed!

I also needed to have a go at cross country before the big day so I hired a local course and strong armed a friend of mine Sonia into taking me and coaching me over the fences. I realise now I am a wuss and cross country jumps seem alot more solid when your cantering up to them, however Parker made light work of the 90cm jumps and thanks to Sonia and her gentle reminding that once again im not doing dressage and to keep my hands together we ended up having a wonderful afternoon galloping through the water and jumping the scary coffins.


As the competition has got closer and closer ive been getting more and more nervous I got a text two days ago with my start times for each phase, Gulp!

All going well I hope to have a great day…. all going well!!

Fingers Crossed!!


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