The season has begun!!

Woah where to begin?

So this month I bought myself a little horse box. She’s currently not a looker but John is as we speak busy filling, sanding and spraying her to turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! I’ve named her Amy after Amy in the Big Bang Theory because she’s the quirkiest thing I’ve ever driven! She’s got a choke, a strange wobble at 38 miles an hour and a screwdriver to open the petrol cap! But she’s all mine and I’m so excited as she offers me the chance to be independent and take Parker out whenever I want without having to pester and bribe someone to take us which I always feel guilty about!


Im still doing E-dressage and had a good January result. We filmed at Sheepgate and I felt he was more focused, we won our class and stayed at the top of the Blue Chip winter league. However… we didn’t have such a great February test. I think he’s feeling fit and fresh and I struggled to get him to focus so a lot of our movements felt tense as he was far more interested in everything going on around the school. We got a reasonable 65.63%. I think that the chance to win the Blue Chip League got to me as I haven’t ever won a long term competition. I put a lot of pressure on both of us and didn’t manage to get the best from him. We still got third in the league out of over a hundred riders so I am immensely proud of Parker. We got a HUGE frillie, a sash and a trophy and I got an email today from Blue Chip telling me more goodies are on their way! It has highlighted to me that I have a physiological issue when it comes to competition and have to work on settling my own nerves before competing to get the best out of Parker.


So to Oasby!! I don’t know about everyone else but my goodness the rain was terrible. It rained continuously for the whole of Wednesday, and as our fields began to flood and the ducks began to arrive my heart sank. Thursday was cancelled however the sun made a miraculous return and the ground began to dry up. I don’t know what I was more nervous about, the eventing or driving the horse box there and back! We arrived in one piece Parker seemed to have travelled well (I never went over 35 miles an hour, Sorry anyone in Lincolnshire who got stuck behind me!)

Parker checking out the box’s living

After walking the course I had to spend 10 minutes trying to calm my nerves not really at the height but at the jumps that involved going up or down like the sunken road which for some reason worry me!

Parker was very excitable during the dressage warm up as he could see part of the cross country course and just couldn’t wait to do that part. I made the mistake of wearing a pair of boots that I haven’t worn before with my dressage saddle and we had some major squeakage which put both of us off big time! The dressage test itself wasn’t horrific there were some nice parts but we had some excitement and an early canter which caused the marks to rack up! We got a clear in the show jumping and then were onto the xc course! We had a blast! All the fears of the jump ups and downs were gone. Parker became big and brave, pulled to get to everything and opened up on the long stretches beautifully until we came to the water. I had to encourage him through the water and over the jump at the end but then we were flying again. It was about then my fitness was called into question I started to struggle to breath and felt a bit wobbly in my stirrups I could feel my heart beating and I honestly was worried about being able to finish but then I saw the last few jumps and something got me over. I thought we’d got through really quickly but unfortunately we got 6 time faults which put us in 7th place not bad for the first event of the season! A little round up of our Oasby adventure!


I’m waiting to see if I got through the ballot for Norton Disney but in the meantime I’m going to take him to the beach to help both our fitness levels (and reintroduce him to water!) and also take him to some unaffiliated dressage to try and sharpen his focus. Also might have to find myself a new pair of boots that don’t squeak! Hopefully John will have the horse box finished for our next outing!