Something old something new….

It’s a bit of a strange time at team Parker. We haven’t got any BE events booked in as work is hitting peak time and I can’t take any weekends off during the season. I feel a bit like I’ve lost my mojo as I haven’t got a lot of direction with no competitions to aim for so I’ve gone back to competing at pure dressage to keep our hand in.
I was very pleased with the the way Parker performed this month for E-dressage I really enjoy the Prelim 7 and we scored a wonderful 70.75%. Due to the quality of riding in E-Dressage my score only got us 8th. It’s so competitive!

You can view Aprils test here

We held our annual show at work and I had managed to secure a fantastic photographer so I decided to enter Parker in-hand to get a photo from him. Lets say Parker was in a show-off mood and he spent most of the time in the ring on his back legs. The judge couldn’t stop laughing as she handed me my rosette – needless to say we didn’t come first but surprisingly we didn’t come last either and I got some wonderful photos!! I don’t think Parker was impressed with in-hand he kept thinking we must be doing some jumping at some time so I don’t think we will do in-hand again!


Me and John managed a trip away to Verona and I left Parker with Diana for a week. When I came back it was clear she had done a lot of schooling with him and he’s really settled into a strong outline. He feels amazing at the moment and we can actually work on lateral movements with good consistent results.

I took Parker to unaffiliated dressage at Sheepgate. Its the first time I’ve done pure dressage since starting to event and I felt so sick about taking him out and how he would do in an indoor school. Parker was incredibly calm when we arrived and during the warm up. We had a little look at the doorway and the gallery when we first went in but when I asked for his attention to be on me he worked well if not a little lazy like he had been indoor all his life. I was so nervous the judge had to remind me to remove my boots…. duh!! The first test we did was Prelim 7 which we got 69.75% he felt a little under-powered. After I popped him onto the lorry where he had a wee he came out for the second test a lot more forward. Poor dude obviously was just trying to keep his legs crossed!! Our second test was Prelim 18 we got 70.83% and more excitingly we won both our classes!!!


During the dressage we have qualified for lots of championships so have registered for SEIB trailblazers and UK riders. Its my first time ever considering qualifications so it’s all very exciting and with Parker working so well at the moment I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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