A sacral pain in the butt!!

Me and Parker competed at a an indoor championship on Saturday. I asked the venue if we could go first and managed to warm up, do two tests and be back on the road in an hour and a half so I could get home and start teaching by 11.30. That meant, of course, that I spent the whole day wondering how we did!! As it turns out we did well we got 3rd in both Prelim and Novice which I was so proud of as the horses that beat us are great and it was only our second time doing Novice. So when we returned Sunday I expected the day to run smoothly.

However things did not go as planned. I couldn’t warm up as he spent the whole time refusing to move forward, walking backwards and rearing.  He can get a little over excited when we go out so I thought, ok we will just go into the prelim and give it a run through. But I had to retire as he stood up and waved at the judge! Trying not to panic I gave him a few days off in case two days out had just blown his brain but he still refused to budge so I had the vet out this morning. I had spent the week panicking that it was everything from food intolerance’s, gastric ulcers to viruses and everything else in between. My vet watched the video of Sunday and went straight to his back poked something and Parker almost hit the floor so he diagnosed him with sacral pain, gave him bute, told to rest and wait. Potentially a few weeks might be all he needs if it’s just a knock but if it’s more deep rooted we will have to see. There was mentions of scanning and injections to the site. From what I understand it’s a hard place to treat as it can’t be ‘got to’ and manipulated like other joints.

I’m so frustrated as things were going so well and I have so many unanswered questions like how has he done himself an injury, when has he done it? Has it been brewing for a long time and it’s suddenly hurt him so much he’d had enough? Have I caused it?  If only he could speak and tell me what I could do.

So now I wait. Parker is having some time off to hang out with Tamara in his field as normal while I research rehabilitation practises like horse acupuncture and hydro therapy and prepare to sell my kidney so he can be comfortable again….

Taken on Saturday when all was still good!

Horses, who’d have them?!


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