I grew up in London riding ponies at riding schools and begging rides off those lucky enough to own their own ponies. As I grew up horses continued to play a part in my life until eventually they took over an now I run and teach at a small riding school. I love working with the children. I tend to think of our establishment as a primary school where children are taught the fundamental basics of riding and caring for ponies. I hope that they will all stay with me for a long time however some will find that they are more talented than I can provide for or they are lucky enough to buy their own pony but I always hope that what they learnt with me will provide them with a great seat later on. At our school we provide a competitive environment where the children who don’t have their own ponies can get some of the experiences that I missed out on as a child. I love the thrill of watching children I have taught competing and having fun which is what it should all be about!

It has been great watching the children compete however a few  years ago I decided to but my first horse so I to could compete too. I bought a 6 year old Irish sports horse who had only ever been hunted. Getting him home I realised I had a slight problem. Although the most beautiful horse ever (in my option) Parker had done very little school work and had a over powering fear of coloured jumps. Parker and I had a few tough months when the thought of climbing on board ‘the beast’ as he was affectionately nicknamed, filled me with terror and there were many tears shed.

Then stepped in my wonderful dressage instructor, Diana. Together we worked on his fitness, muscles tone had his back checked and new tack fitted. Slowly things began to improve until March 2015 we competed in our first Dressage competition. We have competed this season although not getting the most amazing scores we always get into the solid mid 60s. Parker and I are both amatures and have a lot to learn. 

Parker was originally bought due to my love of jumping (which he is now not terrified of) so I have broached the subject of starting out eventing with Diana. As a pure dressage trainer she understandably rolled her eyes but after some coercion I think I’ll get her round.

So this blog is a way to track our exploits into the world of eventing (on a budget) so I guess it’s time to saddle up and crack on with it!  



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