Parker aka the beast

Parker is the first horse I ever owned. Even though he is not the easiest I adore him!image

I bought him from a dealer in Kent who had recently imported him from Irelend. When I tried him it was love at first contact for me. The dealer had given me a cup of tea as it was november Parker demanded I let him drink it straight from the China cup… As I said love at first contact. He still demands tea off me.


Having really only only ever ridden ponies before Parker is a lot bigger than I had ridden before. He did have the stride of a pony those and did bolt off with me that clinched it really. Who doesn’t love a horse with a personality?


When we got Parker home we realised he hadn’t been turned out for some time. We turned in out him out initially in the school for daily exercise however a few days in he decided it was boring and jumped the fence and went off galloping round the farmers field next door… If my heart hadnt been beating out my chest chasing after my new horse I wouldn’t have been impressed with his jumping ability! After that we turned him out and in return we were given an athletic display for a few hours.  Parker now has a field companion, Roo the second horse I ever owned (horses are an addition) We bought Roo to produce and sell on but for now Parker has baby brother.

IMG_1478DN 6th March 2015 0761

March 2015 We competed in our first ever affiliated dressage competition at Sheepgate equestrian Lincolnshire. I was very pleased we got respectable 63.27% (even if my face doesn’t look like it) I think I was more relieved he behaved like a gent and didnt buck me off!!!


The other man in my life in my other half John who I dragged from London out into Lincolnshire. He was in no way horsey and has no interest in riding, however Parker is an exception and comes with me to competitions where he is an awesome groom!